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Extraordinary Care = Extraordinary Beef

Brasstown Beef

Brasstown Beef is simply the best beef you’ll ever taste! We’ve been called the gold standard of All Natural, Pastured Centered, Award winning beef. The consistency in flavor and tenderness of our beef result from humane treatment in a sustainable environment, which is the bedrock of who we are and how we operate.

Our cattle are free choice grass fed, meaning they are always out on open pasture, but also have access to other natural grasses and grains. We believe that our unique approach and carefully controlled process yields the most flavorful all-natural beef that you will ever taste.

Extraordinary care equals extraordinary beef. These are words to live by according to Steve Whitmire, the owner of Brasstown Beef. 

The Whitmire family has been farming this hill country since the late 1700’s. Our family farm in Brasstown, NC has worked for decades to ensure that we are providing Americas Best Beef, and we’re proud of the simple, pure goodness we serve to our people!

I took a personal visit through the mountains of North Carolina where they raise Brasstown Beef, and it is apparent to all that these animals are valued and sought after. The cows are free to roam as they please and are continuously looked after, to ensure their safety and health. They are always on grass, with access to clean refreshing well water, and their personal favorite: cow kimchi, better known as silage. Silage is an all natural feed that the cows just can not seem to get enough of. There are absolutely no added antibiotics or hormones allowed anywhere on the farm.

 Brasstown Beef goes above and beyond all expectations by creating a difference with their extraordinary care, and giving us extraordinary beef.